Health emergency actions in Africa echoes in Mozambique

Kenguelekezé takes part of Africa CDC webinar series addressing PHEOCs – Public Health Emergency Operations Centres, on Covid-19 management. The Africa CDC and partners, like World Health Organization (WHO), Europe Union (EU), among others, established webinar series aiming to equip countries, organizations with operational knowledge/tips in running PHEOCs for better set ups and arrangements during Covid-19.

In this endeavour, Kenguelekezé was engaged and has been involved in tracking government and partners efforts to respond to Covid-19 pandemic in-country. So, for better participation, Kenguelekezé decided to establish an PHEOC-like unit named Kenguelekezé Health Emergency Operations Tracker or KHEOT sentinel.

In fact, KHEOT sentinel has been taking part of the Mozambique’s PHEOCs cascade, from national downstream to grassroot’s levels, particularly at district and community settings. For example, KHEOT, in collaboration with National CSOs Platform for Health (PLASOC), led advocacy for about 10,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccines to offer to community lay health workers (activists), including community health managers.

As result, the Ministry of Health (MISAU), through its Public Health Directorate (DNSP) committed/solicited activist list to offer a batch alongside with offering vaccination to formal health professionals during phase 1 (or 2) under National Vaccination Plan.

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